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Had a truly wonderful time yesterday with King Arthur’s family. They had a party at his cousin’s house in Santa Monica. She lives not even a block from the beach.

I got in lots of baby time and it was heavenly! Baby Evan is just adorable and big sister Emma was very helpful. There was another baby there as well and I got in a bit of time with her as well.

Today, though, I am wrecked. I’ve taken all the meds I can take and don’t feel any better for it yet. So I’m missing out on another gathering as I type. Big unhappy face.

Plans with my family have been moved back a week. I hope there aren’t any further delays as the lost sister is moving in a couple weeks. Talking with my mom, she’s excited to meet her, too. I’m hoping I’m there for that moment because it means so much to both of them and I very much want them to meet before my mom’s health declines.

In the meantime, I’m icing my back, waiting for my next dose of meds, praying they do the trick. There’s only so much I can take with the pain these days and I’ve reached my limit this year.


  1. Oh dear…I hear ya with the pain. Sometimes the meds work, and sometimes They.Just.Don’t. That’s the worst…counting the minutes, counting the pills so you don’t run out. I know.

    Big gentle hugs and good vibes. Take care. Rest as you need. XxOo.

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2016/01/31 @ 17:12

  2. Baby time= wonderful
    Pain= horribleness

    Hope you feel better/get new meds quickly!!

    Comment by pam — 2016/02/01 @ 06:41

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