Miss Celia

Da Goddess @ 03:43

A while back, Celia had to go in to have her teeth cleaned. It was at that time all her blood tests had basically come back to relatively normal levels. Me, being me, of course, had to take photos when she came home. This would be them.

Celia after her visit to the vet

She's ready for her closeup, Mr DeMille

Yep. This is my little princess kitty. I love her. Even when she has poop stuck on her tail, I love her. Not enough to let her climb all over me with the poop tail, but I do love her. However, now that we know she can handle the shower, she doesn’t have poop tail any more.


  1. Miss Celia, you come sit by me little girl… poop tail or no! I’m familiar with the affliction, having a very fluffy corgi… LOL!

    Comment by pam — 2014/10/28 @ 13:50

  2. lol!

    She really has turned into a total lovebug! Cuddly and sweet, slightly bitchy and prone to hissy fits. But that’s what makes her so loveable.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/10/28 @ 21:48

  3. Wasn’t Celia the one that hung back a bit and Fletch was the love bug? I’m happy to hear that she’s loosened up!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2014/10/29 @ 17:09

  4. Oh yeah! She’s King Arthur’s lovebug most of the time, but then she comes back to snuggle with me. But Fletch, Fletch is my special snugglebunny these days.

    Funny how they’ve chosen their roles.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/10/30 @ 23:33

  5. At least both have snugglebunny roles! :D

    Comment by pam — 2014/11/01 @ 08:46

  6. Very true!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/11/02 @ 07:01

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