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Da Goddess @ 01:07

The best part of traveling for me these days is returning home. As much as I’d like to really enjoy being out and about, the simple fact is my body doesn’t agree with my head and my heart.

After I recovered from the faire, we had the drive to contend with. It was exceedingly painful. My shoulder was frozen up again. My right leg and hip were locked and painful. My left leg and hip were grinding as if there were glass on raw nerve once again. I medicated for the drive and was shit for company for poor King Arthur the entire way home. God bless this man! He puts up with so much of my physical pain beyond what most people would. I cannot begin to tell you how very much that means to me. Yes, he gets mad and yes, we argue about it, but when all is said and done, he’s exceedingly patient and helpful when I’m going through the worst of it. If I didn’t already love him so much, that would certainly seal the deal.

Because the meds I’m taking do a number on my dreams and sometimes on my partially-sleepy mind, and because of a few recent events, I got to thinking about what I’d want to have happen at my memorial should I die. Don’t go getting worried! I’ve always been this way. I plan for the future.

One thing I want to have happen at my memorial service (and I hope there would be one!) is to have a playlist already picked out. You know, music that means something to me. Music that moves me deeply now. Music that would hopefully lift the spirits of those in attendance. (You have to plan these things or else someone who doesn’t know you puts together the most dreadful stuff!) Of course, all that got me thinking about what kind of legacy I’d leave behind and, you know what I got? Nothing. Instead of depressing me, it gave me pause. It makes me wonder how I’d be remembered, leaving me feeling as if I’d betting get my priorities in order and start being the sort of person who would be missed after I go.

Weird, huh? But that’s where I’m at. And I’m okay with that. It’s given me a great deal to think over.

What about you? Any plans on how you’d like to leave this mortal coil?


  1. I don’t think about it… other than to tell Mike to donate my body to science so he’s not out any money.

    If there’s a party of some sort, I would hope there’d be plenty of booze.

    If I contracted something hideous, like the E word, I’d want to say goodbye and be put into a medically induced coma until finally shoving off. Sissy? Yes.

    Comment by pam — 2014/10/15 @ 10:44

  2. If I could pick ways NOT to die, I’d have a list of those. But my luck? I’d write something like that down and it would be one of the ways I’d go.

    I do feel my body should be used in whatever manner possible to help others, including in a cadaver lab.

    Party? Music, CAKE!!, and lots of laughter. Booze, too.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/10/17 @ 00:14

  3. Yeah, cake. Go to New Orleans and drink your way down Bourbon street, stopping to eat delicacies along the way… dancing in the street…

    When I leave the old mortal whatzit, what do I care what happens to it? Yes, give it to a teaching hospital or something. Let someone benefit from my death.

    I’m with you; don’t want to write anything down; don’t even want to fully write the E word… LOL!

    Comment by pam — 2014/10/17 @ 04:17

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