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DaGoddess @ 20:00

How does a goddess spend her birthday? Intermittently editing photos, eating a handful of Good & Plenty – cuz they’re just like me, “I’m good, and there’s plenty of me”, listening to Honeyboy Edwards, Jake’s Obsession, and Joe Bonamassa, and seriously considering a nap.

It’s a glamorous life and someone has to lead it. It may as well be me.

Later, I was given beautiful flowers by a dear lady. Hopefully she’ll be posting here soon. (Encourage her to jump in and tell you some hair-raising stories…c’mon…she needs to get blogging!)

I had dinner with the Smashes and Little Dude. Puppets and chocolate were involved. It was good.

What else? Phone calls from my Bonamassa friends. A card and a check from my dad. No dishes or trash or chores of any kind (except for plunging LD’s toilet) and a quick little nap earlier today.

Oh yeah! I almost ran over Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not a bad way to spend a birthday if I do say so myself.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It’s been a really nice day.


  1. Happy Birthday! (You know me, always a day late & a dollar short) Glad you had a good one, and here’s to many more!

    Comment by rita — 2005/05/19 @ 04:43

    Hope this year is pain free!And may you win the lotto.

    Comment by karen — 2005/05/19 @ 05:02

  3. Sounds like fun!

    Comment by caltechgirl — 2005/05/19 @ 05:47

  4. Happy Belated Birthday hon!!! I feel bad that I haven’t visited in a few days and posted a comment.

    Are you still coming in June?


    Comment by Madame Butterfly — 2005/05/19 @ 07:42

  5. Happy birthday!

    Comment by Ith — 2005/05/19 @ 09:05

  6. And many happy returns of the day! I’m glad you were able to enjoy it!

    WARNING: Shameless plug to follow- Do not read further if such will bother you.

    Would Da Goddess consider spending her birthtide writing a little something to submit to Grand Rounds?

    While we’re at it, won’t you, dear guest of Da Goddess, consider it too?

    Follow the link in my name for details…
    and DG, if this is too crass, please feel free to delete it?

    Comment by Michael — 2005/05/19 @ 11:15

  7. Happy (belated) birthday – sorry I missed it!

    Comment by robyn — 2005/05/20 @ 03:28

  8. Happy belated birthday!!!

    A nap and no dishes? Sounds like the perfect birthday!

    Comment by Janette Stripling — 2005/05/21 @ 01:21

  9. Ehhhh, RATS – Late again. Happy belated, sweetie!

    LD is clogging them already? Howie’d be proud.

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/05/21 @ 01:34

  10. Happy Birthday (late). If I’d a known I woulda sent ya a postcard from down under…

    Comment by GuessWho — 2005/05/22 @ 03:53

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