The Oscars Sucked

Da Goddess @ 02:14

I’m all for awarding circus poodles for their performances. Let’s face it, life is pretty boring without the movies, TV, or music. Who cares if the performers are people we like or if we even bothered to see half the movies that are nominated. But, you know what? At least give those of us at home a decent host.

Scott Marks of the San Diego Reader was pretty spot on with his assessment of Sunday’s show:

Last night’s show was indefensible; a modern day Joe Barbera riding herd over a three-and-a-half hour orgy of inanimate self-veneration. It’s bad enough that MacFarlane turned the Academy Awards into an infomercial complete with industrial musical numbers, Seth fancies himself a song and dance man, too. At times I was not sure if I was tuned to Oscar or Tony. A tribute to big screen musicals produced over the past ten years only helped to illuminate how far the once mighty genre has fallen.

I don’t watch Family Guy. The little of it that I have seen is nothing I’ve found funny. Seth MacFarlane himself is fine when I’ve seen him on the Late Late Show or whatever, but that’s at most a ten minute segment. Three plus hours is too much.

I was smart to not watch more than dribs and drabs of the show as it aired. (Hey, The Amazing Race was on and I’m not even that big a fan of it!) I should have rewatched Princess Bride and laughed at something that was actually funny.

The Academy owes the movie-watching/loving public much better than what they gave them Sunday night. That’s the least Hollywood can do after they’ve taken so much hard-earned money from our tightly clenched fists.

Also, if I never see Anne Hathaway in anything ever again, it’ll be too soon. That speech of hers? Yeah, THAT’S what should have earned an award. She pole danced her little heart out for that statue and I was over her right around The Devil Wears Prada time.

Don’t even get me started about the First Lady giving an award. Unless it’s IN a movie, I don’t want my politics and entertainment mixing, thankyouverymuch.

Aaaand, scene.

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