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On my list of pet peeves:


My dad has a shampoo bottle from the local dollar store. On the back, the label claims the shampoo will work on the following hair types: fine, normal. The other hair type listed? Dry. Let’s get something straight here: you can have fine, dry hair. You can have fine, normal hair. You can also have fine, oily hair. Fine refers to the thickness of hair (fine or coarse…or fine or thick — either works). Dry, normal, and oily refer to the oil content of hair. The bar graph on the back of the bottle shouldn’t have tried to combine two things that didn’t go together and pretend they did.

Now, on to my dad’s hair gel. Yes, he has hair gel. He likes his hair to stay where he wants it. Anyhow, his hair gel claims it’ll make hair and scalp tingle with its overwhelming freshness. Ummm…hair doesn’t tingle. Your scalp can tingle because it has nerve endings all over it. However, hair strands do NOT have nerve endings. If they did, we’d all be in massive pain whenever we got haircuts, blow dried or curled our hair, and even just had the wind whip it around. So, no…the gel cannot make one’s hair tingly.

My rant, for now, is done.

Please feel free to add your label misfires to this list.


  1. “Fixes split ends”

    Really? No, only a trim can ‘fix’ split ends. You can’t fix them, only cut them off.

    Comment by Rae — 2013/02/17 @ 14:20

  2. Labels are largely advertisements and should be taken with a grain of salt… unless we’re talking the ingredient list.

    Comment by pam — 2013/02/18 @ 07:27

  3. Oh yes! The split end guarantee. Sigh.

    And lately, the Zoey Deschanel commercial for Pantene where they claim you get beautiful hair after ONE use of their conditioner. But, if you read the faint fine print at the bottom of the screen, it clearly states that you must use their shampoo, conditioner, and blah blah blah for at least three days.


    So much for “truth in advertising”

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/02/18 @ 14:36

  4. Heh… ‘Truth’ in advertising? Who ever heard of such a thing? ;)

    Comment by pam — 2013/02/19 @ 06:11

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