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Da Goddess @ 10:35

I slept little last night.

I’m fighting with the insurance company over medications they won’t approve because they said the doctor wasn’t approved. Um, I couldn’t have gone to the doctor unless they’d approved it. So, I’m days into not having meds and feeling it acutely. One of my meds, you don’t just stop taking it. If you do, you end up screwing up your whole system. Guess who’s dizzy and fainty and all that? *Raising hand…weakly* Shit, it was hard enough to adjust to the med when I first began to take it! Once we get this straightened out, I’ll have to go through all that again. On the bright side, perhaps I’ll lose as much weight this time as I did last time. That would be the only positive to take away from this situation.

Physical therapy came super early for my dad this morning. He also slept poorly. I could hear him in the other room, tossing and turning. We finally got him sleeping this week and then this happened. Perhaps it was just the anticipation of the early appointment. And maybe it was the late nap he had last night. Otherwise, he’s doing really well.

The Asshole Alert Warning System went to RED this week. So long, jerk. Don’t need anyone like that in my life. Don’t need someone threatening me or my family for doing absolutely nothing. Sadly, said jerk seems to forget what I know and who I know. I’m not the sort of person who retaliates just to be a bitch, but I can throw those shoes on if necessary. You don’t go from friend to enemy on a whim, and you certainly don’t threaten someone and their family after they’ve been your friend and had your back during hard times. I don’t like to be the sort who blows the whistle, but I can do it if necessary.

Hostess Brands is dead. It was announced today that was shutting down production in all its factories, laying off most of their 18,500 employees. 1) Forget the snack food side of this, Hostess is actually 24 companies. They make more than sugary stuff. 2) The communities losing such a big employer can’t recover in this economy. 3) If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to be the child of someone who’s been laid off, you have no idea just how bad things can get. Not just for the family, but for the person who is suddenly out of a job. I watched my dad go through this and it just about killed him. Sadly, this is more the rule than the exception anymore. People are losing jobs left and right and families are being pushed to the brink.

And that’s some of what’s on MY mind today.

Ah, happy times.

P.S. Updating my Flash player, I should NOT have to go through extra steps to opt out of having Google Chrome installed. I’m installing Flash. If I wanted Chrome, I’d go download it myself.

I think I’m done ranting.


  1. I slept three hours last night… about to fall over now.

    The insurance company well and truly sucks. This isn’t the first time they’ve jerked you around, is it? Why be like that??

    Sorry about your newly un-friend. That sucks as well.

    Sigh. Hope you can at least get a good night’s sleep tonight. You and your Dad!

    Comment by pam — 2012/11/16 @ 15:45

  2. thank you!

    I hope you sleep, too.

    Wonder why no one’s sleeping lately?

    Yeah, the insurance company plays with my sanity all the fucking time.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/16 @ 16:02

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