Delightful Phrase Edition

Da Goddess @ 20:41

“This point is mooter than Rick Springfield’s feelings.” – The Fug Girls

“I’m throwing Jazz hands at you: Inspire, inspire, inspire!” – Pam

“Fuzz buckle.” – Fug Girls strike again

‘”This whole thing actually feels like an overproduced feminine-hygiene ad that bastardizes the ‘this girl is on fire” lyric to discuss her private itching.” More from Fug Girls

Even though three of the four are credited to Heather and Jessica, I gotta say the clear winner here is Pam. That was just fuckin’ INSPIRED! (Jazz hands!)

P.S. I forgot one! “Nakedy nakedfest.” I’ll leave you to guess who said that. (There’s a pattern, people.)


  1. :lol: It just came over me, like a wave! Throwing Jazz hands at you!!

    LOL!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2012/11/14 @ 06:38

  2. I’ve used the phrase a bunch of times already, Pam! I told the orange trees. I told some of the orchids my sister planted. I even told the spider plants. I want them inspired and growing!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/14 @ 10:49

  3. […] silently cursing you, Pam, all the while giggling as […]

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