Good Man

Da Goddess @ 12:30

I had a dream that John Goodman was my boyfriend. He came over to visit just in time to fix a plumbing problem. No euphamism there.

Perhaps I fell asleep to Roseanne or something and was wishing all the work here at my dad’s was done. Or maybe I just wish I had a genial, handy, and loving guy in my life.

Let’s just say that was the least weird dream I’ve had in the last week.


  1. A ‘good man’ to repair your plumbing? Um… yeah! :D

    I love the first years of Roseanne; they were so natural and the character of Dan wasn’t run over by Roseanne constantly. Good man!

    Comment by pam — 2012/10/23 @ 14:36

  2. Again, “fix my plumbing” wasn’t anything other than fixing the plumbing. Which if you knew what was going on in this house workwise, you’d totally understand.

    Plus, I just love John Goodman.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/10/23 @ 22:21

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