The End Is Near!

Da Goddess @ 00:44

I’m not sure if the swarm of grasshoppers indicates the end of days or if they’re just meant to signal we’re almost done cleaning most of my dad’s house. Either way, I’m certain it means I’ll be done soon.

Finished one room. Second room almost done. Caprteto be installed in the morning. Maybe new blinds. And if they keep my dad long enough, we’re painting.

In the midst of all this, I’m still job hunting. LOL!

Later today, there is also a negative tide. Happens once a year.

Oh, and my big sis and I have been getting along quite well. Lil sis shows up tomorrow…errrrr…today. I have a feeling we’ll be too busy to argue or anything. Thank God!

Off to grab my inhaler. Again.

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