Cleansing Breaths

Da Goddess @ 00:12

My lungs are full of Murphy’s Oil Soap, PineSol, and other miscellaneous cleaning fumes. I’ve been airing out the house for hours.

My sister and I were cleaning all day long. LD came to help for a bit.

We’re nowhere close to being done. My hands are begging to be done. My fingers are cracked. My lungs are screaming to be done. It’s just…there’s only so much cleaning fumes you can inhale before everything starts screaming UNCLE!!

I don’t know how my sister got this all done six years ago when there were many more years of dust and grime built up. I know she and my brother-in-law spent weeks doing it, but damn! There’s just an endless supply of dust that collects on antiques. I’m pretty sure that’s a law of antiquing: The older something is, the more it attracts dirt and the quicker it happens.

I guess it shouldn’t really be surprised. Since the last time the house was cleaned to this extent there’s been a major fire (2007) and an inefficient cleaning crew that comes once a month. Oh, and there are lots of antiques. Did I mention those?

The good news is that my sister and I got along fine all day. It was actually rather nice to be in the house with her, even if we were in separate rooms. We haven’t spent that much time under the same roof in about a million years.

Oh! And Mojo was even here for a little bit, too! First time I’ve seen her since I’ve been back. She looks amazing and is doing great in school. After this semester, she only has one more class ’til she has her Associates. Girl is workin’ it!

Well, time to go open another window and run the fan so the bird doesn’t kick the bucket. Despite the fact he can be a little turd, I love him and so does my dad.

Gimme a few more days to catch my breath and I’ll have to tell you what happened to LD at Homecoming.

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