Mixed Up

Da Goddess @ 03:53

I was listening to my friend’s CDs last night, just enjoying his music after trying to figure out which song was my favorite. I was asked by another friend to tell him which was the best song and I chose my 7 faves. Technically, I had 20, but that seemed excessive. But I noticed on one of his albums that my song list was off. Waaaay off. The titles didn’t match on the majority of the songs. I looked up the album online and it was also mislabeled. So I spent a good hour listening to every song (oh, the horror! lol) and I rediscovered songs I’d not really listened to carefully over the years, often opting to go right to my faves in the past.

Getting things mixed up isn’t so bad when you get to enjoy solid tunes from someone you truly admire and it’s a good thing to do when you can’t sleep.

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