Love Is…

Da Goddess @ 03:22

Oh and it makes me cry a little. It reminds me…

Of a man or three.

It reminds me…

How good it can be.

It reminds me…

What it’s like to lose.

It reminds me…

What it’s like to love.

She awakens things
That he said he thought were dead
He says, are you happy now
Oh yes, I am
But when it’s over
How then will you feel
Will you miss those arms that used to go
Around you

So she stood there in the hallway frozen
In the dark
And her heart broke down
She cried
She fell to the floor

One tear slid across her lips
To the corner of her mouth
Love is…
And dropped to the floor


  1. This gives me chills… and takes me back.

    I go through days when the only sound I want to hear is Stevie singing…

    Comment by pam — 2012/10/03 @ 03:14

  2. I know, huh? This song made me cry a little. It hit home in a big way. And the photos of her with Lindsey just kill me. They have so much history and yet…but they’ve made it through all of it and are friends again. Sometimes love is a strange bird.

    I totally get sucked into all things Stevie at the drop of a hat. I’ll listen to one song and that ALWAYS leads to another. Always. Always. I posted one on FB, too, that I just adore.

    And I think she just talked me into keeping my hair long. Pain in the ass that it is, I think I’ll forgo haircuts a while longer.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/10/03 @ 21:37

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