Ta Da!

Da Goddess @ 14:01

Yep, I’m back! Aren’t you glad? Or is there anyone still out there?

Anyhow, I have internet again and am happy. Currently sitting next to a sleeping baby while (Not So) Little Dude is downstairs playing a computer game.

LD and I have packed a lot in since he arrived Saturday evening. We’ve (in semi-order of occurrence):

  • He met a reigning king
  • Gone to Denny’s
  • Gone to Walmart for groceries
  • Come back to the house
  • Been silly (oh wait, that happens all the time)
  • Watched a movie
  • Played with a baby
  • Gone to the park
  • Been sword fighting
  • Gone to TGIFriday’s (where he admired our pretty waitress…I picked that restaurant specifically because of her)
  • Saw Human Nature (his 5th time, my, um, almost 40th time)
  • Saw a current Miss United States
  • Went to a rock club
  • Hung out with cool musicians
  • He met a tv star
  • …and even though he’s only had breakfast twice, his current bowl of cereal total stands at 6 (I should’ve bought a bigger bag of cereal)

I have missed this boy so much! He’s so freaking smart and funny and sweet. On top of all that, he’s just a plain ol’ good kid. I’m a proud mommy. The only thing that would make me happier is to have Mojo here, too.

Ahh, having my son here is like having a warm hug all the time.


  1. Sounds awesome… all of it!

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2012/02/21 @ 07:19

  2. It all sounds like a dream! Nowhere but Vegas!

    And now he’s bored while you’re at work? Mmmm… wish I had some answers!

    Happy as a clam to have you back, though! {{HUG}}

    Comment by pam — 2012/02/22 @ 05:32

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