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Yes, I know. It’s stupid to write up a bunch of posts to publish while I’m gone. I mean, I could just leave the place unattended and it’d be like when I didn’t have Internet. But see, I DO have a connection, so I’m posting. Because you deserve to be as bored as you were before you got here.

What shall we talk about today? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I know! I’ll post a couple photos and we won’t have to talk at all! Genius, I tell ya. Pure genius.

Did you see these? Some of my friends were playing over a club one night and, of course, I took my camera. I was glad I did, too. Great music. And I think I got a few good shots. These are three of my faves.

Stoney in Black and White

Love that shot! But more importantly, I love what the editing program did. I usually don’t let the program decide what’s best for my images. I fuss and fine tune, making all the adjustments myself. Except this time, I hit “suggest settings” and loved what happened. It looks a little grainy and retro and I like that. It fits the vibe of the guitarist. As well, it made him look kinda buff, which is funny because he’s tall and really thin. He loved this image, too, by the way. Yay! Everyone was happy!

TomiRae and Zito

This one, well, they were jammin’ to the Stones’ “Can’t Always Get What You Want” and having a woman on stage for a change meant that there was a cool energy going on. She was fantastic! I don’t know why she doesn’t have her own damn band. Really. She’s that good.

Count and TomiRae

Here we have the owner of the club, with Tomi in the backround. I kinda dig it. Hard.

And this concludes today’s stroll down memory lane and our show and tell portion of our schedule. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves. Please tip the waitress and bartenders and tell your friends to come visit.

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