I Would Walk 500 Miles

DaGoddess @ 21:34

I have set a challenge for myself and I am determined to make this happen. By the end of 2011, I will have walked 500 miles. That’s my goal and I’m already four miles closer to the finish line.

I started walking yesterday, thinking I’d just go to the end of the big block…but I kept going. Before I knew it, I’d walked two miles. Today, I did the same thing. Other than muscles that are screaming nasty things to me, I feel pretty good.

I’ve had to add an extra dose of pain meds to my day, but it’s worth it. First off, I need to get in better shape. Secondly, I need to get my festival legs again. Those are some long days and there’s a lot of walking involved. Mama has to be prepared! And thirdly, dammit, it’s nice to have a big goal, which is what came to me in the shower after today’s walk.

It’s a bit crazy, yet totally attainable.

Yes, I live in a very warm place and summer walking will be a bit more difficult. Still, I know it can be done.

So, are you on board? Do you think I can do it? Anyone willing to spring for a pedometer? Anyone think I’m nucking futs?


  1. I’m getting back into walking myself. Did 2 miles in 40 minutes yesterday, at different elevations. Yes, treadmill.

    I think you can do 500, easy peasy! :thumbs:

    Comment by pam — 2011/04/13 @ 05:12

  2. Cue Peter, Paul and Mary… ♪ If you miss the train I’m on, you will know that I am gone ♫

    And heck, we always knew that you were nucking futs, this just adds to the already-overwhelming evidence…

    Comment by Jan — 2011/04/13 @ 08:31

  3. Ah:

    Comment by Jan — 2011/04/13 @ 08:36

  4. Even better, full lyrics and the original banjo:

    And now I really must get back to work. Sigh.

    Comment by Jan — 2011/04/13 @ 08:42

  5. Heheeee! I am crazy, but I’m totally going to achieve my goals. :box: :biggrin:

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/04/13 @ 22:02

  6. 500 miles in a year? Hardly nuts at all – that’s only 1.3 miles a day.

    Unless the weather is really bad (storming), my husband and I walk 4-6 miles each day on Saturday and Sunday (that works out to a minimum of 1.6 a day).

    We’d do more in the middle of the week, but it’s much harder to walk out here in the boonies (playing dodge ’em cars in the dark can be scary – plus we have to carry sticks because of animals). We walked just about every night when we lived the Chicago burbs… 2 miles a night. I like walking and I sleep much better at night if I can take a walk late. I really miss that.

    So maybe I am truly nucking futs. :biggrin:

    Comment by Teresa — 2011/04/19 @ 12:06

  7. Since I’m getting a little bit of a late start, I’m trying to squeeze in as much walking as possible. Nothing incidental counts; only intentional. EXCEPT during festival season, when I walk all day long for a few days in a row. That’s the only incidental walking that counts.

    Glad to hear you’ve done it and I can, too, Teresa!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/04/19 @ 18:26

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