40.2336 Kilometers

DaGoddess @ 03:02

One of my top five songs at the moment…and yeah, I’m workin’ the metric system, baby!

“It’s twenty five miles from home
Girl, my feet are hurting mighty bad
Now I’ve been walking a three day, two lonely nights
You know that I’m mighty mad
But I got a woman waiting for me
That’s gonna make this trip worthwhile
You see she’s got the kind of lovin’ and a kissing
A make a man go stone wild
So I got to keep on walkin’
I got to walk on, oh ho ho
I, I, I, I’m so tired
But I just can’t lose my stride”

Tell me this tune doesn’t kick some serious ass.

Come on feet, don’t fail me now!

Did I already blog this? I may have. I don’t care. I love love love this tune. It’s part of my musical therapy. Sure, sure, I love to see Human Nature do their version, which is wonderful, but while I’m here at home, I turn to Edwin Starr. Listen to those horns! And that killer rhythm section.

Excuse me while I go dance. It’s Monday and I need the kick start.

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