Colored By An Idiot

DaGoddess @ 00:14

I am currently in a situation where the picture painted of me has been colored by an idiot. I’m not sure what I should do.

On one hand, I believe I’ve proven time and time again within this particular community that I’m professional and always willing to grow and learn. On the other hand, one word to the right/wrong person in the public sector, my professional reputation could be ruined.

There are stories going around. I haven’t heard the details, but someone close to me has and is hesitant to tell me the details, which really makes me worry. Some of you know the story from a protected post I wrote a while back. In a way, the original incident doesn’t much matter — the fallout from it, however, does. I know I’m in the right and I know my actions have been above board. I still worry about the idiot with the paintbrush.

And there’s my ponderance for the weekend.


  1. Take the high road. The only thing you can do is keep going and be the honest, stand-up girl you always have been… because how do you fight mud? It’s impossible and you end up dirty as well.

    Two good things: people who throw dirt are not usually looked upon as reliable or of good character. And… most of the time folks will go by what they know of you rather than what they hear second or third hand.

    Gossip is cheap entertainment for small minds. Hang in there!

    Comment by Pam — 2010/08/08 @ 07:03

  2. I had something to say, but Pam said it all, in much better fashion than I could’ve. :worship: Most people can tell the difference between a professional and one who wants to engage in middle-school games.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/08/08 @ 09:11

  3. Pam, you totally rock, sister! That was beautiful.


    and thank you. :hug: I needed that.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/08/08 @ 12:59

  4. Oh no!
    Things like that are the worst.
    I don’t have any good advice.
    Try to stay in the positive if you can: )

    Comment by Life with Kaishon — 2010/08/08 @ 16:19

  5. Keep going. Eventually the truth will out and then there can be a reckoning, to rush around now trying to get the story will only fan the flames if there are any.

    Comment by The Gray Monk — 2010/08/09 @ 01:14

  6. I’m in the dark here, but I’ve learned that petty and/or spiteful people are always seen for what they are, eventually. In the interim, you’ve just got to trust that people’s opinions will be based on their accurate perceptions of the painter’s motivation.

    From what I’ve seen here, you’ll be fine.

    Comment by Stu — 2010/08/09 @ 15:25

  7. Sigh. I hope so. I have two idiots trying desperately to interfere with my life and my livelihood. I’d like to throttle them both, but for now, I’m not engaging them at all at this point. It does weigh heavily on my mind though. Deep breathing is my only respite at this point.


    Thanks. Let’s just hope the powers that be recognize the truth and see that I’ve proven myself to be professional and the real deal.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/08/09 @ 16:32

  8. Gee, and here all this time I’ve been painting myself with the idiot brush, and now you mean to tell me it can be out-sourced?

    Damn, I need a better class of friends. (For some definitions of the word “friend.”)

    Oh, and what Pam said…

    Comment by Jan — 2010/08/10 @ 12:05

  9. We are all definitely too hard on ourselves, although some self-criticism is necessary in life. But when other people run you down for sport? No way.

    No out-sourcing, Jan. If there’s only one thing horrible I’d have to say about you, it’s that you’re too good a photographer and I’m envious of your talent.


    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/08/10 @ 12:38

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