Suck This, Avant!

DaGoddess @ 05:21

Normally Avant browser is awesome. Or should I do this in Cartman mode and say “mostly”. Because, mostly it is. Except for some weird shit that happened around 3am.

The browser went haywire. I had to close everything down. Fine. I went to reopen it and I get a whole new browser with none of my settings saved.

Well, that totally sucked and it took me about two hours to fix everything. TWO FUCKING HOURS. That’s WITH me trying to sign into my account and retrieve all my saved settings. (It wouldn’t connect to Avant’s server.) That’s unacceptable. And for some reason, Avant never ever seems to want to make it easy to change search engines (the default is Avant/Bing). It also doesn’t want to remember what my last damn skin setting was. Like I can remember?

I really didn’t need this crap this morning as I was trying to unwind and go to bed.

Don’t hijack my browser and update it automatically. I have my preferences set so that’s not supposed to happen. And if you’re going to save my preferences and all that rot, make it easy for me to do so. I don’t want to spend two hours trying to get everything back that I’ve spent six years putting into place.

So, to sum this up into a nice, tidy package, in the immortal words of Eric Cartman: Avant, you may “suck my balls” (if I had them).

Other pet peeve today? RedRoom sends out an email with this title: “Please blog about your favorite popular music song”. Uh, is that music and/or song? Or have we now begun to define every song as a music song? Because I think that’s totally unnecessary.

Yikes, I’m cranky today. Not enough sleep. Seriously, I woke up after three hours of sleep thinking I’d slept for 10 hours and well, that was wrong. Can’t get back to sleep yet. Oh well.


  1. Hmmm… can’t remember ever hearing of this browser. Sorry it tossed your stuff. That sucks.


    Comment by Pam — 2010/05/19 @ 06:16

  2. Reminds me of a couple of weeks ago when Firefox decided it wasn’t going to let me edit or clean out any of my bookmarks. Ended up having to dump then reinstall Firefox from scratch. I was able to salvage the bookmarks (backup) but it took me awhile to reinstall all my plugins and generally tweak everything back to where I wanted it to be.

    Thanks for the warning about Avant. I might have tried it out and liked it, but a browser going nuts like that would’ve sent me sailing over the edge.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/05/19 @ 08:14

  3. I won’t use any other browser. I hate Firefox. I LOATHE IE. And well, there ya go. In all the years I’ve used Avant, this is only the second time I’ve had a browser issue.

    Come over to the dark side, Dave.

    Pam, you’d like it too.


    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/05/19 @ 10:23

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