Two-fer Tuesday

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Some days are Diamond, some days are stone. Today’s a Diamond day. Neil, that is. One of the few artists in my parents’ record collection that I could listen to all day. Well, not so much always back then (I had to protest, it was my sworn duty as a difficult child!), but as I matured I appreciated Neil Diamond more and more. By the time I was a teenager, I would eagerly anticipate any of the following choices: Diamond, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, or David Soul. Anything was better than non-stop Chuck Mangione (my apologies to all of Arlen) or Herb Alpert.

Anyway, now that I’m more than a teenager, I’ve developed an almost unhealthy love for Neil Diamond and this means you get to be a part of my twisted little world.

Did you know the following song was the inspiration for the Romantics’ “What I Like About You”? It was. Indeed. Did you also know that Neil Diamond is still not in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame? True story.

Bonus video. And quick aside: I’m a die hard Monkees fan. Yes, I am. Now you know.


  1. Neil Diamond rocks! Who could sit still during Cherry Cherry?!

    Also a Monkees fan. Have mercy. Love I’m A Believer…

    But… I used to LOVE Mangione. Played his albums mercilessly, went to a concert. Oh, yeah. It’s true. :shock:
    He was just so different from what I’d grown up on, ya know?

    Comment by Pam — 2010/06/15 @ 06:35

  2. Neil Diamond? Say it isn’t so! Gawwwwd he bugs me. Always struck me as being really full of himself, but perceptions can be wrong (wouldn’t be the 1st time).

    He looks like what I imagined Auntie Grizelda would look like. :rofl:

    Comment by Stu — 2010/06/15 @ 07:07

  3. Ruv the Monkee’s looong time!!! :flag: :clap:

    Comment by JihadGene — 2010/06/15 @ 07:33

  4. The Monkees!


    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/06/15 @ 18:31

  5. Unhealthy love for Neil Diamond – and I thought I was the only one. ;)

    Comment by Joy — 2010/06/16 @ 03:56

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