DaGoddess @ 02:10

I must be in need of some because I feel like this has to be something more than another blasted sinus thing.

Perhaps my constant running since last Thursday finally caught up to me, but really? I think I’m officially sick with something nasty. My hair and my toes hurt. My body is shouting obscenities at me (and at other people). Plus, I caught myself saying, “I miss KC and the Sunshine Band” the other day. This is just wrong.

I dunno. I’m guzzling cough syrup, poppin’ pseudoephedrine, and downing gallons of juice and tea.

Wake me next week, would ya?


  1. Shhh! [whispering] Everybody walk on tiptoe so that we don’t wake her up! She needs her rest you know!

    I hear that alcohol is good at killing germs… :cocktail:

    Just sayin’

    Comment by Jan — 2010/02/04 @ 07:34

  2. You poor baby! Here, I’ll tuck you in.

    *…tiptoes quietly out of the room…*

    Comment by Pam — 2010/02/04 @ 08:55

  3. *tippy-toes very, very quietly*

    *brings tissues and Vic’s Vapo-Rub*

    *whispers very, very quietly*Here, rub the Vic’s on your chest while I iron a washcloth for you. Then put the hot cloth on your chest over the Vic’s. It was my grandmother’s remedy, and it always seemed to work.

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2010/02/05 @ 21:09

  4. Oh shit not KC and the Sunshine Band, damn

    Comment by James Old Guy — 2010/02/08 @ 18:50

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