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I never don’t approach someone I admire. So it surprised me that last night I failed to approach someone I thought was present at a concert. Someone who is amongst my top three “Oh my God! It’s fill in the blank!” Yes, I thought it was “him” and he’s very distinctive in his look. I was speaking with another photographer and he said he’d had people coming up asking who the guy was. I’m pretty certain it is who I thought. And if it is…if he’s here in town…I will find him. Yes, I must. This is one of those rare RARE opportunities and I MUST meet him. If only to fall at his feet and let him walk all over me.

I don’t get like this often, but it’d be totally worth it in this case.



  1. Not even hint? Star of screen, stage or song? Something?

    Comment by Pam — 2010/01/29 @ 14:57

  2. one of the many perks of living in vegas baby

    Comment by patti — 2010/01/30 @ 14:37

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