For Pam

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Ha! It helps if I actually post the photo, huh?

The Snail for Pam

Note the date. Yep. 2004. Still one of my favorite photos. And I don’t normally like snails. I just happened to like this snail on this plant. Sigh. Taken back when my little P&S didn’t have a filthy sensor, when I didn’t crave new lenses and a special flash. Well, kind of. Five minutes after I bought my point and shoot, I wanted something newer, bigger, better! Tis the nature of the shutterbug to always think “upgrade”. Even when I was a little girl and first started hanging out with that magical plastic and metal box with film and a world of possibilities, I knew then that there was MORE waiting for me.

Anyhow, this post really isn’t about me. It’s about Pam and her snail photos from the other day. Like me, I think Pam’s been bitten by the bug and one of these days, she and I will get together and go shoot…just because we can. Ooh, and together, we can sneak up on Mr. Sweetsop.


  1. “…together, we can sneak up on Mr. Sweetsop.”

    Yay! :rofl:

    But I don’t see your snail photo, Joanie!

    Comment by Pam — 2009/09/03 @ 05:15

  2. That is well worth the wait!! Cool! :clap:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/09/04 @ 04:36

  3. I’m sorry about that, Pam! Obviously, my head was firmly up my ass when I prepped the post.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/09/04 @ 09:04

  4. :thumbs: :thumbs:

    Comment by Jan — 2009/09/04 @ 10:37

  5. Thank you, Jan. (It’s almost inspired me to go out and shoot again)

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/09/04 @ 10:47

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