Photo Friday: In Shadow

DaGoddess @ 02:20

Photo taken back in May at Muzeo. You didn’t see this guy.

From out of the shadows, the Yeti with the cell phone problem appeared. He blocked my way. So I blocked his. We ended up dancing. Why not? How often do you get to dance with a Yeti? And this one…cell phone! Hello! He might actually call once in a while. Or not.

Cell Phone Yeti

And there’s my Photo Friday entry.


  1. I dated a Yeti. I think she was from Hayward or Oakland.

    Comment by JihadGene — 2009/07/25 @ 10:10

  2. lol

    that is from whence they all came.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/07/26 @ 02:09

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