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DaGoddess @ 06:55

Sorry I’ve not been super present and fun and interactive. I’m working on the photography site. It’s being upgraded from the old MT platform to WordPress. Every time I went in to change anything, even a period or a comma, it would result in a big old 500 internal server error. Guess that was the server’s way of saying, “MT is dead, girlie! Upgrade your ass.” And so I am.

It’s slow going because I have to choose all new images and resize each one. Then I have to relay my thoughts on how the site looks to my friend who is working on the technical stuff. Hey, I know my limitations and I honor them. I let the smart kids do the heavy lifting.

But here’s the thing, I’m still working like crazy to get the photos prepped and I’m hating the frames I created. They’re nothing special. They’ll serve the purpose they’re meant to serve and that’s fine. Eventually, though, I’ll go to something else and be happier with the results. I just don’t LOVE the ones I created now.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point. The point is, I’m busy working on this and I’m trying not to let my head get too ‘splodey. It’s trying to, but I’m fighting it.

It didn’t help that I’ve felt cruddy, dead dog tired all week. No sleep. Then finally, lots at once. I came home early from the going away (Smash — again, since this is now the second time he’s being sent far away), going away (Doc in the Box), congratulations (Smash and his new wife), congratulations (our friend Gracie and her new hubby) party on Thursday and promptly got sick. I ate two little potstickers and had iced tea. That’s it. And I got sick sick sick. So I was up all night. Thankfully I had an email buddy keeping me company and I actually forgot I didn’t feel good for a while. (Thank you, my friend!)

When I finally did fall asleep, I slept hard. And it was good. Still, I’ve had a rattly head for three days now and I don’t like it. Nothing is helping. I slept most of yesterday, too. Off and on, that is. No luck in getting rid of the ‘splodey head. I’ve had thirty-eight gallons of water. No help. I finally gave up.

The worst part of this is not having seen Little Dude all week, save for a brief moment as he ran in on his way home from school to get his Gameboy (and to write his hero, Smash, a note). With so much to be done and the whole not feeling well thing, it didn’t seem fair to subject him to that. Sigh. I miss him.

I’m babbling, aren’t I? Yeah. I’m avoiding work. But not as much as you’d think. I’ve been slogging away all night. I’m beginning to think I should have embraced my royalty more and declared myself a princess who simply cannot do all this. A real princess would have delegated these tasks to one of her handmaidens. Fine, I don’t have any handmaidens. It’s one of the signs of non-princessdom that I happened to pick up on. Crap.

Fine fine fine fine! I’m like the princess and the pea. Except I’m not the princess (remember?!), but I am very sensitive to the pea. Or should I say pee (since that was an issue not that long ago)?

In my quest to be productive and good and accomplish much, I’ve also managed to watch about 23 movies I never knew I wanted to see. We can include Coyote Ugly in that bunch. Maybe it was just the fact that I was tired and had the ‘splodey head, but I cried when John Goodman got hit by the car. Who’d a guessed? And then I watched The Perfect Storm. I don’t remember the others I watched, but I do recall that I watched last week’s episode of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for the third time. I love that show! I love the stories, I love Jill Scott, I love Lucian Msamati (who is one of my latest crushes), I love Anika Noni Rose, I love that it takes place in Botswana. Ooh! That reminds me of another movie I saw: The Power of One. Good movie. No, GREAT! For reals. Go watch it.

Anyhow, I’ve done everything I was supposed to do and I still managed to get in sleep and watch movies and listen to music and watch Diego Momma’s Vlog. She had me giggling this morning. It was good! “Raffle tickles”…that’s what she said. And that tickled me. Also, if that’s what she looks like after not showering for two days and being all zitty? I am just going to have to find a way to hate on her. (Yeah, right! Not gonna happen.) By the way, if you live in San Diego and you want to join us for the Mom’s (and not mom’s) Night Out, go to SDM’s blog and get the details. You should come along. If for no other reason than to get your raffle tickles. Which are free. As is Mom’s Night Out. Raffle tickets, on the other hand, do cost something. But Deb will explain that to you since I have no clue about anything other than knowing what one of the giveaways is.

I guess I’ve screwed around long enough. I really should get back to work. I hear the warden calling (which reminds me that I also saw Shawshank Redemption yesterday).

Since I have much to do, still don’t feel well, and bad “I haven’t showered for two days” skin that looks nowhere as pretty as Deb’s, I’m going to stay right here. Here. Not there. Here. No helping anyone move/clean (Mikey and his family), no Ren Faire, no benefit concert for a music store owner where many of my friends and potential clients will be, no nap longer than 2 hours, and no backgammon tournaments with Tom Selleck. Not that he’s called or anything. I’m just saying…I won’t do it even if he does call.

Hope you all have a good day. Tell Tom and his moustache I said hey.

And if there’s a prince looking for a princess with bad skin and stringy hair, I’ll be here.


  1. One reason I changed to Blogger

    Comment by The Gray Monk — 2009/05/03 @ 07:53

  2. blogger sucks more.

    WP is the best thing you could EVER do for a website. Plus, when you own your domain, you don’t run the risk of some change to the TOS that hijacks your content.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/03 @ 07:57

  3. You know, life just happens sometimes, and you spend a short period of your life getting through it the best you can. And that’s ok. Why? Because one day you wake up, the sun is just right, and you realize you are back in control of your domain again. (Going through that very experience myself right now!)

    Comment by Miachelle — 2009/05/03 @ 08:18

  4. I’m currently in the “it’s all about to explode into BUSY” panic mode. I’m working so hard to get this site up and running and I’m stumped. I just can’t seem to pick photos I like. Grrr. And I can’t get in to upload them myself because my friend forgot to give me the login info. D’oh!

    My head hurts sooooooo bad! Been that way for days. At least I’m not all pukey and poopy anymore. That is something.

    By the way, I’ve modified your “Dare To Be Bold” to “Boldly Be”. Trying to write copy for myself and set my pricing is/was hard. And it is for my friend C, too. So I told her that we will boldly BE. We won’t think about it. We won’t try it on for size. We’ll just do it. And we will own it, live it, love it.

    How’s that for being an inspiration to others?

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/03 @ 08:26

  5. Hope you feel better/cleaner! :biggrin:

    The warden comment made me think of Death Race. Saw that yesterday. Anything Jason Statham is in is A-OK with me. ;)

    Comment by Pam — 2009/05/03 @ 08:43

  6. I also saw “Shoot Em Up”. But that wasn’t a movie I was really into.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/03 @ 08:59

  7. Thank you for helping us pimp our party! And Deb’s vlog. I had to watch it twice because I wasn’t sure I heard correctly that she used the term MILF. Like a good bra, I appreciate your support! :)

    Comment by Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy — 2009/05/03 @ 11:13

  8. My pleasure, Mel.

    Deb cracks me up. Raffle tickles and MILFs. And flabby lips? WTF? She doesn’t have flabby lips. And she looks better two days unshowered than I do fresh out of one. Still, I can’t hate her. Damn her precious soul.

    Can’t wait to meet you on Thursday!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/03 @ 11:17

  9. i love Shawshank Redemption, that is a great movie. i’ve been looking at some of your flickr pics. i think you have the makings of a pretty good coffe table book there!

    Comment by patti — 2009/05/03 @ 11:48

  10. thank you. Just wait until I have all the photos done. I have over a year of backlog!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/03 @ 11:55

  11. I love wordpress over blogger and mt. Though blogger is looking pretty good now adays.

    Comment by vw bug — 2009/05/04 @ 03:20

  12. Blogger, though, is still not your own. And it still lacks.

    It’s a great starting platform, I’ll give you that. But anyone who truly wants to own their own their work, to own their voice: get your own domain and hosting.

    I’m a firm believer that the only way to ensure your content remains yours is to have your own domain which is hosted independently and not on free servers. Once you rely on a free service, you’re subject to their rules and their whims.

    The only whims I cater to anymore are mine. And my children’s (on occasions). Selfish, but true.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/04 @ 10:49

  13. […] bonus points if you also come up with a photo frame I like. Filed under: Bloggy, Friends, Personal Interest, Photography […]

    Pingback by DaGoddess.com » Word Play — 2009/05/04 @ 10:50

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