I’m Amending My Biography

DaGoddess @ 01:06

Deb had that PROMPTuesday dealio with the whole six-word biography terror going on this week. And it just dawned on me what my real bio should say. Of course, I had to steal it from Otis over at RER, but who’s really original anymore? So I paraphrase:

If I do, I’ll never stop.

That about sums up my entire existence. If I embark on any journey, I tend to follow that path until I run out of road, blow the engine, or am chased off by a rabid bear. That’s just how I am. I pursue things with a passion that is very likely unhealthy after a certain point. I tend to be loyal and patient to a fault. I will worry a problem until it leaves someone (usually me) with a bloody stump.

And yet, there are just some things I don’t do. I know better than to try various things because I know how I am. I rarely drink. Not because I’m afraid I’ll become an alcoholic, but because it’s just too easy to let alcohol be the salve for whatever ails me or to rely on it for a good time. Same with drugs. Oh, for sure, I’ve dabbled, but those days are long behind me and it’s simply not something that I’d recommend for anyone, let alone a mother, a (former) nurse, or anyone who wants to succeed in life. Of course, there’s also the fact that I have plenty of meds to take these days and, even then, I’m reluctant to take those unless I have to.

I’d make a terrible junkie.

Unless it’s a life/goal junkie. I’m sort of stuck there. And that’s why I’m amending my damn biography.

I’m also stopping here, because if I let this go any longer, I’ll never stop.


  1. I hear you. Love the six word biography as well, but I’ve never been good at descriptions… especially my own.

    Comment by pamibe — 2009/04/10 @ 05:27

  2. I’m too verbose for such things. Just ask my haiku buddy. I have to work at that stuff!

    And apropos of nothing here, but of curious interest to me: my Sitemeter reads 643,643.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/10 @ 05:31

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