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Okay, folks, here we go. Couple of things I need to point out and/or ask for your help with.

I know, I know. I ask so much from you. Anyhow, I promise to keep this simple and list everything out for you so you have to do little more than point, click, and (maybe) participate. Well, there are two other items that require a bit more from you, but those are below the fold.

1) Sidebar. To the right. Please vote for my Assignment.

2) It’s really not too late to participate in Greg Lato’s Blog Project. I did. I shared my view with him. Why not share yours and encourage your own readers to play along? Leave me a comment and let me know you’ve participated so that I can come admire your handiwork.

3) My friends have a song in the International Songwriting Competition. It’s called “Mister Coffee” and some of you are very familiar with this song. It’s the one I’ve sent out to many of you because it’s just so damn good. Please go vote for Chris & Patrick! I know at least two people reading this blog have heard and seen this song performed in person (Patty and Temple). If you want to hear the song before you vote, the website where you vote lets you listen. Or you can leave a comment with a valid email address and I’ll make sure you get to hear the tune.

4) I have a photo you could vote for if you were a member of Gosnap. Take a look at this site and you should be able to recognize my image way down near the bottom. If you need a hint, I’m happy to provide you with (another) one.

5) Who would like to actually visit this site and see something other than photos? Anyone? Are you tired of photos? Wish I’d post those elsewhere? Wanna help? I need it. Those interested in donating (yes, I’m looking for something inexpensive and donated services, while very valuable, are within my budget) installation assistance, design assistance, and/or setting up shopping carts, etc., should leave a comment with a valid email address. For all the assistance I receive, I pledge — here and now, in front of all of you — to pay it forward. A portion of the proceeds from any and all sales of art prints or any jobs I book from the photography website will be donated to one of four causes on a rotating basis or per client request (10% each and every time): Soldiers’ Angels, The Blues Foundation’s Blues In The Schools program, The Kidney Foundation (in honor of my friend Mikey and many of the patients I used to work with), and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (in honor of many of my former pediatric patients). I’m also very happy to refer clients to those who help. Absolutely! Your name would be listed prominently. Those who do good work deserve recognition! As well as my personally recommending you when someone asks, “who did your site?” If you’re local, you even have the option of receiving a free portrait session in exchange for your help.

6) I need a show of hands (okay, comments) of those of you who would be interested in a section where you could buy photos you see on my website. I need to know if you’d like monthly wallpaper calendars, downloadable digital prints, prints you receive in the mail, or if there’s a different type of product you’d like to see.

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