We Are Family

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Over on the sidebar is a link to my idea for the “Name Your Dream Assignment” contest. I’d appreciate your support for my idea:

We Are Family

Capturing the truest sense of family and how that support system provides each of us with the skills and the encouragement to head out into the “world” each day.

Not all families look or act the same, but each compels us in their own way.

Whether it’s because we’re encouraged by supportive parents, out to prove something to a family that has “given up” on us, or simply because we hope to improve conditions for those we love, our relationships are very often what drives us to succeed.

Looking at various cultures, I’m fairly certain that no matter what their individual or ethnic values are, family will almost always be cited as someone’s motivation in their work, their sense of self, and their definition of success.

As a former nurse who worked with people from all around the world, I was amazed with the way various cultures supported one another. Some people seemed overbearing, some seemed almost neglectful, others came across as only peripherally involved, yet there was love and support underneath all of it. And it’s always been my dream to capture that in images. The better we understand the family dynamic across cultures, the easier it is to see we are all a part of one big family.

We are family, whether we acknowledge it or not. I think I could bring this message home by showing families all around the world engaged in similar activities, in a way that would make it obvious that we’re all really after the same thing: a sense of belonging. No matter how family is defined or what they look like, we all belong to one and how we relate to them is how we often relate to others.

That’s my take. I hope you like the idea and vote for me.


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  2. Oh god, now I hear Sister Sledge going through my mind… somebody MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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