The Headshots

DaGoddess @ 07:05

Headshot One

Headshot Two

Headshot Three

Headshot Four


  1. They’re all really good and give one an insight into the person… but the top one ROCKS! Wow. It’s wonderful! :biggrin:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/01/22 @ 07:59

  2. I absolutely LOVE those photo’s!!!! http://dagoddess.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/thumb22.gif

    Comment by Lauren — 2009/01/22 @ 11:29

  3. You’re right. These are fantastic. :thumbs:

    Comment by caltechgirl — 2009/01/22 @ 13:54

  4. You are SO good. I am not just yanking your chain.

    I love #1 and #3 best.

    I so want you to take pics of Toots and Booger one day.

    Comment by San Diego Momma — 2009/01/22 @ 16:20

  5. Personally, I like the last one best. Looks like it was a fun shoot, though.

    Comment by jan — 2009/01/22 @ 19:57

  6. Like the 2nd ones of both a lot. lost track who they are but nice.

    Comment by Temple Stark — 2009/01/22 @ 21:12

  7. Those are exquisite. You are one fantastic photographer. Get over here for some coffee. :diva:

    Comment by vodkamom — 2009/01/23 @ 04:49

  8. Thank you all for the great feedback! It’s nice to have input on what I’m shooting and especially nice to get it from friends. :)

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/01/23 @ 13:02

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