PROMPTuesday #34 – Deck the Halls with Words of Folly

DaGoddess @ 00:03

Little Miss Holidays wants us to write a holiday limerick. That meanie!

I wasn’t gonna do it. But as I was looking longingly at pumpkin pie, the damn thing went and wrote itself.

Every year when the Holidays come,
I grumble and the bug I bah hum
An oh the hubbub is all quite distressing.
The kids need new clothes
For those they outgrows
I pray none of the new stuff needs pressing.

Nothing to get excited about, but there you have it.


  1. I grumble and the bug I bah hum
    That. Is. Classic. *grin*

    Comment by GW — 2008/12/09 @ 08:19

  2. It has a certain Cockney sensibility about it. Didn’t the Cocks invent limericks?

    Anyway, well done! I’m also a lover of the first line especially!

    Comment by San Diego Momma — 2008/12/09 @ 09:27

  3. Not poetry, but it captures the spirit of the thing…

    “Bah humbug,” I say every day,
    “I’ll take my ball home and not play
    “Too much noise and stuff,
    And all of it mere fluff,
    I’ll only show up for the buffet.”


    Comment by jan — 2008/12/09 @ 09:33

  4. nice!!!

    Comment by g — 2008/12/09 @ 15:46

  5. Jan, is there room in the buffet line for me?

    And glad the bug I bah hum went over well. I fussed and fretted over that. Though I’m not sure why.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2008/12/09 @ 16:57

  6. Sure, I’ll save you a spot… :)

    Comment by jan — 2008/12/10 @ 13:25

  7. Yay! Buffet time! :may:

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2008/12/10 @ 17:13

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