He’s Home!

Da Goddess @ 21:23

Dad got home today and was very surprised by the changes in the house. “It looks like I have a brand new house!” Not a new house, just an improved one. And we still have a few more projects to tackle before we consider this *done*.

Thus far, he’s settled in and is comfortable, which makes me happy. My big sis and I left him alone long enough to run out and do some shopping for him. One of our big challenges will be getting Dad to eat healthfully while he’s recovering from surgery. 1) Most older people have decreased flavor receptors. 2) He’s had so many changes in health over the last few years, he can’t eat much of what he really loves. 3) He’s been preparing all his own foods, most of which are microwavable and not as nutritious as they need to be. So, what do we do? We get creative. And we offer food even if he says he’s not hungry.

The house is safe. Dad’s home. We all had a nice afternoon together. And we’re calling it a success!

Blogrollin’ Back

Da Goddess @ 01:06

Yep, got the blogroll started again. I don’t have a complete list of links as of yet, but I’m working on it. If you don’t see your name on there and think you should be listed, let me know!



Super Tuesday Two-Fer Bonus

Da Goddess @ 05:00

Just to help us all keep our minds off the last minute political bitching and back-biting, I’m sharing music I love.

First up, is Robert Ward. I love this song!

Then, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, who blew me away a few years ago at Doheny Blues Festival, gets down with Darryl Hall.

Now the ladies take a turn! E.G. Kight – I love this song. It’s not the one I wanted but it’s good. (I wanted “I’m Happy With The One I Got Now“.)

Then we let Susan Tedeschi rock us on out of here and into a better frame of mind!

Almost Done

Da Goddess @ 03:13

The house is almost done. Dad will be coming home tomorrow and we have to have everything put back to “reasonably normal” before them. Still lots to do, but not as much as could be!

My sister takes the top prize for getting the most work done, for having the vision, and for keeping us on track. She’s been a spider monkey on crack getting this stuff knocked out. You got a project that needs completion? You’d do well to hire her! In fact, let me just say this: She should run for office. She can balance budgets, clean a cabinet of unwanted and unnecessary detritus, and she can sweep clean the entire corrupt stable of yes-men and boondogglers!

You think I’m kidding, but the woman is a whirlwind and gets shit done!

My little sis has been here, too, helping with the yard and turning it into a glorious green haven. It’s beautiful! After one day of new flowers in one basket, we’ve had an increase in butterflies. And hummingbirds. Now if only the oranges would ripen faster! We’ve had a few and they were delicious. The rest need only to catch up so we can enjoy their incredible sweet flesh!

My bro-in-laws (technically, bros-in-law, but what.ev.er) have both been here helping, too. Bathroom redone. Huge room repainted. Everything taken care of.

We’re three + weeks into this project and nearing the end. All of us are still alive and accounted for. That’s success!

Now, fingers crossed that my dad loves what’s been done and what little projects we have lined up for him.

Mostly, I hope he realizes that this brought his girls together because we love him and would do anything for him. That should hold off some of the yelling for at least 20 minutes. (Fingers crossed!)

Time to get ready for the craziness of the day!


Disaster Relief Reminder

Da Goddess @ 15:40

Team Rubicon is on the scene! They are taking donations to continue their much-needed relief work.

Not only are you helping those were hit by Sandy, but you’re helping our Veterans!

Wake Me When It’s Over

Da Goddess @ 13:10

One more day, folks. ONE. MORE. DAY.

Then we’ll see no more ads trashing candidates. All we’ll have are joyous celebrants on one side and angry losers on the other.

No matter how things shake out: GO VOTE!


Da Goddess @ 01:43

New discovery: I sleep very poorly the first night or so of a Santa Ana. I’m not right. I can’t get comfortable. I just don’t feel like I’m in the right skin.

My dreams are messed up when I do sleep. My body is rebeling when I’m not sleeping.

I’m beginning to think all the years of living in California meant nothing to the state, because, upon my return, I’m being tested so harshly.


Fuzzy Wooby

Da Goddess @ 01:11

I’ve lost my fuzzy wooby in the form of my fleece Wild Animal Park jacket. I had it here, but there’s been so much chaos with cleaning and moving and painting and such that it’s now gone.

When it’s 55 degrees at night and you don’t have the heat on (because you’re in the middle of a Santa Ana), it’s nice to have to curl into for an hour or so.

I can’t find mine anywhere.



Crazy Dreams Part 23,481,109

Da Goddess @ 03:17

In which:

My little sister goes on Cupcake Wars. Her company is called JeniBean’s Cupcakes. She used all natural flavors and her cupcakes were made of gluten-free, sustainable organic products. Except when she had to use whatever weird ingredient the producers deemed necessary. They were gorgeous cupcakes, too.

She won. And she brought them to a party for a concert for the band Mana, which I happened to be photographing for the second time. We were eating pizza during a break when she showed up with dessert. Then I had a moment of panic over the lighting of dancers. I had a lighting director on board and he said we’d be okay. “I got the lighting set for after break. Just relax and enjoy. It’s giong to be a long shoot. The guys loved you last time. You’re doing great this time.” And I was. It was a huge deal because it’s Mana! And there’s so much to get done and do right! (If you’ve never watched one of their videos, you just…don’t know.)

Alrighty, then.

Afterwards, I went back to my new apartment that I shared with an old roommate from Vegas. A yucky former roommate. Not the good one. Blech. But I was having a new bed delivered and was excited only to walk into my room and discover it was nowhere near ready for the delivery. Then I got a call from the delivery guys…also people I know (musicians working day jobs???) and they said they were near. I panic and attempt to get my room in order. Now the room suddenly has three big closets, one very big dresser, and stacks of clothing everywhere. This shouldn’t be happening because 1) I don’t own that many clothes, and 2) I try to call the guys back and suddenly my phone doesn’t work. It’s a floppy phone. I run into the living room to borrow the roommate’s phone and he’s now transformed into a Mexican family that doesn’t speak much English. I run outside to find the delivery guys. One of the guys has now turned into Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. This concerns me. But only because I’m certain someone’s after me. I mean, he wouldn’t be there otherwise, right? Eh, turns out even the esteemed doctor needs to get away from profiling bad guys and saving people and just wants to have a “fun” job every now and again.

I get my bed. Dr Reid fixes my phone. We eat cupcakes with Mana again and my sister is happy she won the competition. The former roommate I didn’t like? He faded into nothing. I think he went looking for Paula Deen’s cupcakes instead.

Yes, there IS something on my mind. No, I’m not telling you what it is. YET.

But enjoy two Mana videos.

Now you see why I’d love to photograph them?



Da Goddess @ 04:00

I’ve been using Avant Browser for years. I like it. I like how I can save all my bookmarks and passwords online or not.

But I’ve been thinking: is it time to switch browsers? Should I go Google Chrome? IE? What? If I go with another browser I’m sure I’ll have to spend hours figuring out how to get all my bookmarks back and how to get things working the way I like them. Is it worth it?

Now’s the time for all the smart people to chime in.

I Watched It All

Da Goddess @ 03:52

It was too good NOT to watch the whole thing.


It Was 20 Years Ago Today

Da Goddess @ 00:01

…Sgt Pepper had nothing to do with it, but it was a significant day.

Mojo was born.

November 2, 1992.

My perfect little cupie doll-lipped baby girl made her way into this world. She was strong from the start. She was bright and inquisitive. She still is.

Mojo gave our entire family a focus we’d never had before. It was a beautiful thing. And over the course of these 20 years, the whole family has raised her. Again, giving us focus. She is who she is and she is not just the product of me and her father, but of a family. Her father, who faded from sight when she was 5, has missed out on one of the most exquisite experiences anyone can imagine. It hurt her, I know. But truly, he is the one who has lost the most.

I look at this young woman and I consider myself so very blessed. She is intelligent, curious, funny, gorgeous, thoughtful, determined, and a whole host of other words that scarcely begin to describe her.

I love my daughter and am so proud of who she is.

Happy birthday, honey!



Da Goddess @ 22:56

(Shh! I’m in Ren Faire mode.)

Pam sent me a fantastic package filled with the most fascinating beads and baubles and beautiful things!

Thank you, Pam!


Da Goddess @ 04:00

I’d created a goal for myself for the month of October: I was going to post more than once a day. I chalked up 44 posts for the month and I’m happy about that. Granted, not everything (okay, NOTHING beyond my son’s birthday) was important, but I did feel better making the effort.

So, what’s my goal for November? To post more items that mean something. No guarantees, though.

A girl has to start somewhere, doesn’t she?

I Sing For The Things Money Can’t Buy

Da Goddess @ 00:01

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