Christos Anesti!

Da Goddess @ 00:00

Christos Anesti! He is Risen!

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

Before the dawn, Mary and the women came and found the stone rolled away from the tomb. They heard the angelic voice: “Why do you seek among the dead as a man the One who is everlasting light? Behold the clothes in the grave! Go and proclaim to the world: The Lord is risen! He has slain death, as He is the Son of God, saving the race of men.”

Thou didst decend into the tomb, O Immortal, Thou didst destory the power of death! In victory didst Thou arise, O Christ God, proclaiming “Rejoice” to the myrrhbearing women, granting peace to Thy apostles, and bestowing resurrection to the fallen.

The angel cried to the Lady Full of Grace: Rejoice, O Pure Virgin! Again I say: Rejoice! Your Son is risen from His three days in the tomb! With Himself He has raised all the dead! Rejoice, all you people! Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem! The Glory of the Lord has shone on you! Exalt now and be glad, O Zion! Be radiant, O Pure Theotokos, in the Resurrection of your Son!

Happy Easter, my friends!


20 Minutes: Wounded Warrior Project

Da Goddess @ 17:38

I love the Wounded Warrior Project and all it does to help our injured military personnel adapt to life and take charge of their world. Here’s a video that’s worth every second of your time.


TJH: Inspire – Balboa Park

Da Goddess @ 02:33

After court a few weeks ago, King Arthur and I went to Balboa Park to see the pirate exhibit at the Natural History Museum. It’s there until September, so get your hiney out to San Diego and see it. It’s impressive! (They didn’t allow photography of the exhibit, so no photos of any of it.) We took a short break at one point and had snickerdoodles. KA did his best Cookie Monster impression, as depicted below.

King Arthur as Cookie Monster

Then there’s the obligatory shot of the California Tower in Balboa Park. From any angle, it’s an impressive structure. I just had to capture it.

California Tower in Balboa Park

And finally, as I was sitting on a park bench, I was faced with a serious, philosophical question:

Philosophical question in the park

My answer: I don’t know. But, I keep going. That’s what I do. I move on. I move forward. I move. I just keep swimming because that’s what Dory told us to do.



Da Goddess @ 14:47

Ansel Adams. It’s the 112th anniversary of his birth today and it should not go unnoticed. He gave photography a leg up in the art world with his breathtaking landscapes and his unflinching quest for perfection when it came to balancing light and shadows. His zone system is still taught for tonal balance. Anyone interested in photography should study the zone system.

He got his first camera at the age of 14, in 1916, on his first trip to Yosemite. In 1921 his first images of Yosemite were published, thus beginning the nation’s (and, indeed, the world’s) fascination with the man and his art.

Often cited as lyrical in his depiction of wilderness, it should come as no surprise that Adams had aspired to be a professional musician (pianist). So keen was his creative spirit, the same intensity that made his music so beautiful drove him to excellence in his photography.

But, don’t believe for a second that Adams could only shoot landscapes! His portraits — particularly of those in the Manzanar internment camp (Manzanar War Relocation Center) — are just as lovingly crafted as anything else. The portraits were not simply a collection of faces, though. Adams deeply felt the betrayal by the government against its own citizens. Those depicted in the images with dignity and indomitable spirit shining brightly.

The purpose of my work was to show how these people, suffering under a great injustice, and loss of property, businesses and professions, had overcome the sense of defeat and dispair [sic] by building for themselves a vital community in an arid (but magnificent) environment…All in all, I think this Manzanar Collection is an important historical document, and I trust it can be put to good use

He also created images in industrial settings, my favorite of which come from the Salz Tannery in Santa Cruz, California.

Every image taken by Ansel Adams and shown to the world had to meet his exacting standards. He sought balance and he achieved it, or it wouldn’t be seen by the public.

Among those images are these from the tannery.

Salz Tannery worker

Salz Tannery worker

Salz Tannery pit

Looking at the tones in these images, one should note the range of those tones. Nary a glaring, blown-out highlight to be found (as is so often the case with photographers these days). From the deepest black to the palest white, the tones are true — much like a perfectly played note.

Without belaboring his entire history (I encourage you to read up, though!), it’s no stretch to say that most everyone in the Western world (and well beyond) have heard of Ansel Adams and have likely viewed one of his images in some manner, such is the depth and breadth of his oeuvre. His desire to teach his techniques to others, to unite like minds, and to pursue his art has made Adams one of the greatest influences in photography.

Happy birthday, Ansel! Thank you for making photography so very intriguing.


My Addiction Has a Friend!

Da Goddess @ 03:38

I’m always thrilled to find other people who share my “problems”. I don’t even mind when they’re more successful at making our problem a strength. In fact, I dare say, seeing how other people deal with obsession makes me braver and more willing to try my hand at things.

I know the definition isn’t an exact fit, but I liken this ability to look at things differently as a form of synesthesia or ideasthesia. Either way, I think this is what happens with people who are very creative. I’d like to be included in that group, but I’m dancing along the edge at best, hoping to fall in.


Photojojo $5 Offer

Da Goddess @ 16:25

If you head over to Photojojo for some sweet shutterbug Christmas treats, use this link and get $5 off!


Oh What a Night!

Da Goddess @ 00:49

Took King Arthur to see Johnny Boyd as part of his Christmas present. What a fantastic show!

If you like music that makes you want to get up and dance, you’ll love Johnny. He’s a crooner and he knows how to get the toes a-tappin’.

The royal one, even though he was in pain, got up and danced a few. He also saw many old friends he hadn’t seen in years. Made the night even sweeter.

Also making the night a success was the opening band, Chaffin & Barthe.

Awesomeness all the way around.

P.S. Hawaii Five-0 tonight kicked all kinds of butt and made me cry. If you didn’t see it, go watch on CBS online.


15 x 30, the Second

Da Goddess @ 04:07

I’m setting a goal for myself once again this year.

Same as last year:

To sell 15 images for $30 each. Printable up to size 11×14 for the purchaser.

When: Now.

Why: Money, of course.

What: Any image you’ve seen on this site (or Flickr or Facebook if you follow me on either of those sites) is up for grabs.

How: Leave me a comment and tell me what image grabs you, what size you want, I then send you the paypal link, you send payment, I send full resolution digital file that 1) grants you authorization to print, and 2) gives you the chance to print as many copies as you’d like! In other words, if there’s an image you like so much you want to give a copy to Auntie, to Mom, to Grandma, and to the nice lady at the doctor’s office who always makes sure there’s an opening for you and your family, you can have prints made for all of them because you’ve already purchased the right to print that file!

It’s a good deal. And if you don’t see a photo on this site or on Flickr or Facebook or Twitter, ask me. I have so many photos I’ve never published ANYWHERE and with a simple email exchange, we can figure out if I have something that fits the bill for your gifting needs. If not, I can always go shoot something just.for.you. I would really and truly do that.

Again, it’s a good deal. Cheaper than if I made a single print and mailed it to you. I’m even willing to bundle* if you’d like several different images. All you gotta do is ask.

* Frank Fritz, eat your heart out. I can do it, too.


Good Day, Bad Day

Da Goddess @ 19:03

I should not let computer issues and a missing DVD ruin my good day, but guess what? Yeah. That happened.

Can’t find my Hurricane on the Bayou DVD. I have the case, but no DVD.

And now I’m attempting to transfer all my backup files from my external hard drive to my computer and the way this thing set itself up is ridiculous. Then, I was trying to burn a CD for a friend and I can’t get the flipping files to go where they need to go.

Grumble grumble, mutiny mutiny.

Other than that, and losing a game of Zips, it’s been a great day! I actually.went.outside. For most of the day. We went to the flea market and I did most of my Christmas shopping. Still have a bit to go, but the majority is done. (Yay!)

Also, took a LOT of photos and met some truly amazing people. I dig that kinda stuff.

Okay, back to figure out what the hell is going on with the external. Grrrr.


You Know What Day It Is, Right? Steve Irwin Day!

Da Goddess @ 15:15

Repost from last year:

“Steve Irwin Day, celebrated each year on 15 November, is an annual international event honouring the life and legacy of the one and only Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin!”

Yep, that’s what today is about. Celebrating the life and legacy of a man who put his heart, soul, and body into wildlife conservation. Why not don some khaki duds and find a way to volunteer with a wildlife rescue group or at least donate some money to help such a group out. Let’s all join in and honor Steve’s memory in a fitting way!

Steve Irwin Day

Photo courtesy Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Day email

We still miss Steve around these parts.

Quiche Recipe

Da Goddess @ 00:46

I’d include photos, but we ate the quiche too quickly for me to get around to shooting.

First: the crust

Crisco pie crust
1/2 c Crisco
1/4 c butter (not melted, but relatively soft)
2 c flour
1 tsp salt
4 TBS ice cold water

Cut together Crisco, butter, salt, and flour until small clumps form. Slowly add in 1 TBS of water at a time, cutting as you go. Once you achieve a fully mixed ball of dough, break into two sections. Roll out one section on lightly floured surface and place into 10in pie plate. (9in plates work fine, but you’ll have to adjust down in terms of eggs when you get to the filling part.) Repeat step for your second crust.

Blind bake crusts for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. Be sure to lightly pierce crusts before baking and use waxed paper with dry beans to hold crust down as it bakes.

Quiche filling
2 green onions (or scallions, if you’re the fancy sort)
1-2 clove garlic (I do NOT recommend garlic salt or powder. In this instance, fresh is best! You can totally taste the difference)
1 TBS butter (optional – I let it soften until it’s barely “solid”)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 lb bacon (cooked and crumbled)
1 c ham (cooked, diced. Hamsteaks work really well for this)
1-2 c spinach (I used frozen spinach and cut while it’s still frozen. It’s super easy this way)
1-2 c broccoli (Again, frozen florets are perfect and easy to cut. I love love love broccoli and spinach together)
8-12 eggs (depending on egg size. I recommend erring on the side of using too many as opposed to too few as it’s really a pain in the butt to go back and add in more. Too much? Just fill a small ramekin with remainder, bake, and you’ll have a quick breakfast on hand.)
3/4 tsp flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 c cream or milk (your choice and completely optional. If the egg mixture looks nice and fluffy as is, I will hold back on the milk)
1 lb shredded cheese (I prefer Jack cheese. For some reason, Swiss is totally unappealing to me. Use a white cheese for that classic quiche look and then add a little shredded cheddar for extra color and flavor. It works. I promise.)

I mince the garlic until it’s super tiny. Then, I cut the green onion almost all the way to the tippy top of the greens. I dice and cut and cut and dice until it’s almost as miniscule as the garlic. I think it helps to disperse the flavor through the quiche. These two ingredients are the first things I put on the crust once they’re out of the oven.

I then add the spinach and broccoli. Over those, I sprinkle the ham and then the bacon.

Before anything else: place the pie plates on cookie sheets to catch any spillover during baking. It’ll save you from having to clean the oven later.

Now, the eggs, salt, pepper, flour, baking powder, milk, and butter. Beat until nice and fluffy and happy looking. Pour into pie plates. Then, add cheese. If you want to be super “fancy”, add a little parsley to the top of each one before you pop them into the oven. This is also the point where I usually throw a little more salt and pepper at the pies. Not a lot. Just enough to make you feel like you’re enhancing the flavors.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour. If there’s not jiggle in the middle, pull the quiches out of the oven. If there still seems to be a little jiggle (or, if you stick a knife in the center and it doesn’t come out relatively clean and dry), bake another 15 minutes.

Let cool for at least 20 minutes, allowing everything to set nicely.

Note #1: Pair with fresh fruit or salad and you’re set! Or, eat alone because it’s plenty filling by itself.

Note #2: Obviously the butter in the egg mixture will add calories to your meal, but a tablespoon isn’t really all the many calories and seems to make the mixture a bit more decadent. Completely up to you whether or not those calories. Same with the milk/cream. And, of course, fillings are subjective. I just happen to think these ingredients work really well together.

Note #3: Please let me know how everything turns out! I’ve been making this (and adjusting the recipe) since I was 10. I’d like to think 37 years of baking this particular dish would mean it’s worth sharing with you. And you know I love feedback! So, tell me, is it worth sharing?


My New Favorite TV Shows (So Far)

Da Goddess @ 03:06

I watched all the new shows this season because, well, I can. King Arthur’s DVR allows us to record everything and why shouldn’t we spend some time checking everything out before we make the decision to devote our time to entertainment? Also, anything we miss, we generally catch via onDemand. (I really love technology!)

Thus far, I’ve yanked a few shows off the schedule because they failed to produce laughter, horror, or sorrow. Essentially, they were boring or just poorly done. One show was taken from me — from all of us — after a single airing. Honestly, couldn’t they have given us a few weeks to try it before they pulled the plug? Tony Shaloub, I still love you, even if network execs don’t.

Shows we’ve dropped:

  1. The Goldbergs. Just…really…uninspiring. I could barely get through an entire episode. I tried another to be fair, but all I could think was “horribly done take-off on the Wonder Years“. I could understand them wanting to go *there* because Wonder Years had heart and charm and there was fun, too. The Goldbergs went to Awkward Family Photos, thought they could play with that visual and that would be good enough. Waaaaaaay off the mark. So, gone they are.
  2. Super Fun Night. I love Rebel Wilson. LUV her. And yet this is just a whole bunch of people doing things that mean nothing in a non-funny way (and just to clarify, I didn’t like Seinfeld’s “show about nothing” either). This lovely, exuberant woman needs better material for me to tune in again and give it a shot. Until then, she’s off the schedule.
  3. Lucky 7. To be fair, I was willing to give this show a few more airings before culling it from the herd, but ABC did it for me. The opening episode was
  4. We Are Men. The show that was taken from us too soon. There was plenty to like and one airing didn’t even begin to plumb its depths. Here’s hoping Shaloub gets another vehicle to drive back to the top of the ratings heap.
  5. Michael J. Fox Show. Man, we so very much wanted to like this. We tried. And nothing. Nothing stronger than “eh”. Actually, it was more of an “e”. Underwhelmng. Completely underwhelming. The youngest boy and the daughter are about the only bright spots and you can’t really place the entire show on their backs when it’s not supposed to be about them in the first place.
  6. Dads. Martin Mull, Peter Reigert, Seth Green…it should’ve been funnier than it is. No improvement after subsequent airings. Buh-bye!
  7. Welcome To The Family. There was no “there” there.
  8. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. I didn’t bother watching because it wasn’t in my wheelhouse. However, King Arthur tried it and waved goodbye after half an episode.

There were many other new shows to watch which we passed right over. Ironside didn’t appeal to either of us. Betrayal. Sleepy Hollow. Agents of SHIELD. Didn’t bother with any of ‘em.

Now, the shows we’ve watched, liked, loved, and can’t stop watching:

  1. The Crazy Ones. Robin Williams is fun! Sarah Michelle Gellar is surprisingly perfect as his daughter. Bob Benson, er, um, I mean, James Wolk is a delight. Hamish Linklater, also a delight.
  2. Trophy Wife. Malin Ackerman is perfect as the third, younger wife of Bradley Whitford. The cast is well-balanced and funny. It’s worth watching.
  3. Back In The Game. James Caan is wonderful as the cranky has-been/now-grandfather. Maggie Lawson is…just like a normal single mom working a menial job who’s moved back to Dad’s house so she and her son can get back on their feet. The kids on the baseball team are a miixed bag. The opposing Little League coach is irritating, but a good foil for the harried mother.
  4. The Blacklist. James Spader. As a rule, any show with Spader will always be on my TV. He’s creepy, yet somehow also appealing. There’s just something about him and the way he works as a “consultant” to the FBI that’s infinitely appealing.
  5. Hostages. So much better than we expected.
  6. Sean Saves The World. I rather adore Sean Hayes. Plus, Linda Lavin is on the show. Took a couple episodes to hit its stride, but it was worth the wait.
  7. MasterChef Junior. Gordon Ramsay is wonderfully encouraging to the children who are competing in this cooking show. The kids? AMAZING!
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I didn’t hold out much hope for this show being funny, but it is. The ensemble cast hits every note perfectly.
  9. Hello Ladies. Awkward, funny, delightful.
  10. Mom. It was a hard first two episodes, but we like it. Anna Faris and Allison Janney have chemistry that can’t be denied.
  11. The Millers. Between this show and The Crazy Ones, Thursdays are magic. Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale are perfection. Gut-busting laughter each and every episode, guaranteed.
  12. The White Queen. Granted this started airing before the Fall season, but it just finished and it was so juicy! STARZ is said to be picking it up for a “second series” as The White Princess and I couldn’t be happier.
  13. The Bridge. Another show that technically aired before the Fall season. Still, it was dark and twisted and enthralling. I can’t wait for more.

There are shows set for mid-season that can’t come too soon. John Malkovich in Crossbones (as Blackbeard) looks to be intriguing (pirates…and more pirates, how could that be bad??), Black Sails on STARZ is another pirate-themed show that I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE!, Enlisted could be fun, and I’m hoping to catch Reign onDemand (please let it be good).

And that’s about it so far. What about you? What are you watching and enjoying?


Let’s Play “Guess Who”

Da Goddess @ 09:49

Finally uploaded photos from the Big Bear Ren Faire to the computer. Between my back killing me and having computer issues, I had put it off. Now, it’s time to start editing and posting some of the images. Aren’t you the lucky ones?!

Anyone know who the man with King Arthur is? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Big Bear Ren Faire


Rhino Parade

Da Goddess @ 01:33

Lots of cities around the country have done the Cow Parade thing. But Southampton has rhinos! England’s totally rockin’ the rhino.

Cow Parade? Love it! San Diego even took at crack at it in 2009. I’ve photographed a couple of them during my OpLove: ReUnited sessions when we were down at Liberty Station. (I’ll have to go back to look through photos again to find them.)

I love that art can benefit the community, be fun, and also be a part of a larger movement. Art for the people, by the people. That totally works for me.

Also, RHINOS…around the world!!!


Middle of the Night Blues

Da Goddess @ 02:31

Tinsley Ellis and Eric Sardinas put on a helluva show last night. The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano…never had been there before for a concert. The seats were good, the sound was good, the music was fantastic!

So here I sit, attempting to bring myself back down to earth.

Got a shout out from the stage from Tinsley! He’s so damn cool. After his set, he introduced me to a guy who handles a band’s online media needs. Got the guy’s card, so I’ll be contacting him soon. Would be really nice to set up a partnership with this guy and maybe get some work out of it. If it doesn’t happen, oh well. But the possibility is there.

Trying my damnedest to un-drink what I drank. Not drunk at all, but buzzed enough that I was considering vomiting just to see about getting my equilibrium back on track. I didn’t do it. I did, however, come home, warm up a piece of leftover pizza, take my meds, and am now waiting for everything to settle.

Honestly, it was a great night. Great music, great people, great opportunity to show King Arthur what concert-going is like for me and for anyone who goes with me. He said he really liked watching me work. That totally made my night.


Definitely time for bed. Photo uploading and editing are for tomorrow. And I am finally feeling like I could go lie down and not have my head and stomach spin.

I’ll try to get photos up tomorrow…but definitely Sunday.

Good night, Cleveland!

P.S. if portions are hard to read, it’s all my fault. I can’t even focus my eyes any longer. I’m whipped.

Sleep well, my friends!

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