3 Favorites

Da Goddess @ 20:40

For your enjoyment, three of my favorite finds this week:

Leaf art (Delicate beyond imagination)

Superheroes in the style of the Dutch Masters (I died when I saw the last image)

Rock Photography of Brad Elterman


Two-fer Tuesday: 2Cellos

Da Goddess @ 04:26

I can’t put into words just how amazing these guys are, so just listen.



It Makes Me Happy

Da Goddess @ 00:09

If we’re going to have to listen to Pharrell’s song “Happy” all the live-long day, please let it be because of this video. It’s the best!

Until someone comes up with something better, this is the only version I like. (Only valid entry that could possibly beat this one would have to include: Queen Elizabeth, Prince George, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Prince Harry, Prince Wills and his lovely wife Dutchess Kate, adorable prancing puppies, frolicking foals, cavoriting kittens, maybe an albino hedgehog or two, and possibly Harry’s goat. They’d all have to be dancing, singing, playing, etc.

So, really, until any of you can make the above happen, I’m sticking with the nursing home version because it’s made of awesome genius.


Thursday Threesome

Da Goddess @ 01:37

It’s music time, my friends! I neeeeed to post some songs that have just been running around in my head. We’ll have this week be all about Three Dog Night, m’kay?


My Distraction

Da Goddess @ 02:30

A few of my favorites from Nashville



Da Goddess @ 00:16

No one can sing about Prejudice the way Tim Minchin can.


Two Kids Explain Elvis

Da Goddess @ 05:29


Two-fer Tuesday: Raul Malo

Da Goddess @ 13:19

I’ve made no secret of my love of the Mavericks and Raul Malo, so of course I have to post these videos. Makes my heart sing.


Happy Blues Year

Da Goddess @ 17:47


12th Day of Christmas Music

Da Goddess @ 04:53


11th Day of Christmas Songs

Da Goddess @ 04:33

Every year it remains the same. I have to play this song. This version.


More Christmas Blues

Da Goddess @ 10:33

10th Day of Christmas Music

Da Goddess @ 03:35


9th Day of Christmas Songs

Da Goddess @ 04:50

And just to flip the script a bit


8th Day of Christmas Music

Da Goddess @ 04:04

I’m giving you a full album to listen to today as you go about finishing your wrapping and baking.

Don’t laugh. This is actually very good.

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