TJH: Inspire – Keep Calm

Da Goddess @ 12:40

This is what I see from the shower. The shower has a huge frosted glass window and this is what I see when I step in.

My view

The bathroom window

It makes me smile


TJH Inspire: Horny Mike and His Helmets

Da Goddess @ 03:27

In an effort to distract myself momentarily from the dreaded sinus crud that’s invaded our home, here are some photos from last year’s trip to Vegas. We stopped at Count’s Kustoms and had a look around. Ran into Horny Mike as he was moving in a display of his helmet work. Pretty cool stuff.

Horny Mike Pinhead helmet work

Horny Mike

Horny Mike Helmet

My favorite is Pinhead. Striking as all get out.


TJH: Inspire – Jerry Mahoney

Da Goddess @ 19:02

More of the dummies.

Jerry Mahoney 1

Jerry Mahoney 2

Jerry Mahoney 3

Didn’t know a lot about Jerry Mahoney, so I looked for more info.


TJH: Inspire – Holiday Shopping

Da Goddess @ 01:46

Don’t fall for that ol’ pile of donkey dung and spend more than you have on holiday gifts. No need to get super deep in debt this year. Look what happened to this guy who got in over his head.

No need to spend an arm and a leg

No overspending for this gal

This Black Friday crap kills me. There’s really no need to spend an arm and a leg on gifts. Small, meaningful presents are where it’s at.


TJH: Inspire – The Passenger

Da Goddess @ 01:32

Not exactly the sort of hitchhiker I’d pick up.


Found him at the flea market 10 days ago and took a photo of the unusual mode of transportation he chose. Personally, if I saw a spider THAT BIG wanting a ride, I’d put pedal to the metal and get the hell away from him.


TJH: Inspire – For Pam at Halloween

Da Goddess @ 04:50

Pam wanted more of the scary tableau.

Oooh scary

More scary


TJH: Inspire – Game Time

Da Goddess @ 04:19

Game time

Game time 2

Hoping there’s more to the World Series than just a couple quick games.


TJH: Inspire – Geared Up

Da Goddess @ 04:17

Yep, all geared up for the weekend! Look out, kids, here we come!

Geared up and ready to go


TJH: Inspire – Emma

Da Goddess @ 01:37

The next several days will be spent prepping for faire, getting to faire, setting up at faire, faire-ing, and then coming home. So to leave you with things to peruse, PHOTOS.

Emma 1

Emma 2

Emma 3

Emma 4


TJH: Inspire – You Know Halloween’s Right Around the Corner, Don’t You?

Da Goddess @ 05:32

Ball biter

Ball demon

Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Worse still, when Baby’s put in a jar, Baby gets really pissy.


TJH: Inspire – What The Hell Is It?

Da Goddess @ 04:54

Do you know what this is

Is it of this earth

Do you know what this is?


TJH: Inspire – My New Best Friend

Da Goddess @ 04:54

Deadly Doll


TJH: Inspire – September Sunset

Da Goddess @ 03:54

First, the isolated rain cloud

September Sunset - rain cloud

And then, just a pretty sky

September Sunset


TJH: Inspire – Succulent Sunday

Da Goddess @ 04:00

Sunday succulents

Sunday succulents


TJH: Inspire – Cool Relief From a Hot Day

Da Goddess @ 04:40

As I type this (last night since this isn’t posting til morning), it’s almost 9pm and still over 90 degrees. The air is dead. No breeze. King Arthur is recovering from oral surgery, in pain, not eating, and I feel horrible because there’s nothing I can do to ease his pain.

My new doctor is wonderful. The insurance company: not so much. They still insist on making it difficult for me to fill my meds. As well, I’ll be needing to see a pain management doctor and I’m pretty certain insurance will raise a fuss about that. So I spend days hoping and praying my meds come through soon and I can get back on the pain management path that has become a rather good “habit”. Yes, I said habit. It sounds horrible, as if I have a drug habit, but what I really mean is that it’s taken me years to develop a routine and a regimen that requires me to change certain patterns in life so that I can function. By making these changes, I integrate all the new things I need to do into my life…I make them new habits. Thinking of pain management as less a chore and more “healthy habit”, it’s easier for me to live with the accommodations necessary to do what I need to do. Pain habits. Pain relief habits. It’s just how life is anymore.

King Arthur is having to make all sorts of adjustments to life because of this. And then we throw in his surgery and post-op pain. Fun times.

Between his pain and mine, we’re just a couple bumps on our respective logs.

While it’s true that SoCal isn’t as hot as Vegas in August, it’s still uncomfortable and keeping us indoors for the bulk of the day. At some point today, we’ll need to go out and pick up his prescriptions, and — hopefully — mine as well. With any luck, it’ll have cooled down some.

Regardless, these little flowers made me feel cooler just looking at them.

Cool and a nice break

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